An Introduction to the DIR/Floortime Approach

Floortime Interactive Relational Social Skills Training

Has your child been diagnosed with a developmental condition?

Have you found this diagnosis difficult to process and understand?

In the FIRST Place IS your FIRST Place to look for parental and professional support, practical information, and guidance to help you understand your child’s individual strengths and challenges.


• Engage in repetitive behaviors, actions, speech, play?
• Avoid interacting/engaging with you or others?
• Follow directions inconsistently or not at all?
• Chew on clothing, objects, or put other non-food items in his/her mouth?
• Engage in self-injurious behaviors or aggressive behaviors towards others?
• Have difficulty with transitions or changes in routine?
• Have dramatic, emotional over-reactions (i.e. “meltdowns” or tantrums)?
• Exhibit ritualistic behaviors?
• Have unusual eating habits or sleep patterns?

In the FIRST Place provides periodic workshops based on the DIR*/Floortime** model, to assist parents, grandparents, family members, educators and care providers in better understanding their child, and in identifying their child’s strengths, helping them to enjoy relationships and build functional, social-emotional skills.

*DIR (Developmental, Individual-Relationship):
language and cognition, as well as social and emotional skills, are learned through relationships. These relationships involve meaningful and emotional interactions with others.

**Floortime is a developmental approach to building healthy foundations for social, emotional and intellectual skills in children with autism spectrum conditions and other neurodevelopmental challenges. It focuses on individual challenges and behaviors, at a child’s developmental age, not the chronological age.

Our monthly workshop schedule is HERE.

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