Bio: Susan Carney

Susan L. Carney, RN, LMSW
Registered Nurse, Clinical Social Worker
DIR/Floortime Provider: Intermediate/Level C

School of Nursing with a BSN, and University of Georgia’s School of Social Work with an MSW.

Susan graduated from Emory University’s Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing with a BSN. She has accumulated a broad range of experiences over the past 30 years. She began her nursing career in labor and delivery but soon switched her career path to Public Health, developing an interest in pediatrics, particularly in the area of pediatric developmental disabilities. This led her to pursue an MSW with a curriculum focused on serving individuals with developmental disabilities in underserved communities.

After graduate school, Susan took a position as Service Coordinator with Fulton County Children’s Medical Services, working with children with a broad range of developmental disabilities and chronic medical conditions, and their families.

She recently retired from private practice at The Rubin Center for Autism and Developmental Pediatrics in Atlanta, GA.

Susan engages each family from a strengths perspective, focusing on each individual child’s and each family’s unique strengths. Her goal is to assist parents in recognizing their child’s strengths and challenges, and to help them develop to their full potential, regardless of their challenges.

She and her business partner Laurie Botstein, SLP, established In the FIRST Place (Floortime Interactive Relational Social Skills Training) in 2015.